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An Archive of Celebrated Work

The Tip of the Iceberg

Please find below a representative sample of personal and commercial storytelling, lighting, design, vfx and animation work.

Ian’s more philosophical teachings can be explored through his podcast series: Storycraft and the Subconscious Mind, at www.jawsbites.com

Screenwriting and Storycraft


This example of pitch and development work showcases Ian’s own creative property. It is a promotional trailer: an animatic designed to communicate a sense of story alongside the emotional feel of the larger project. Ian created ‘fast and loose’ storyboard sketches to accompany studio voice and foley recordings in order to quickly assemble a sales pitch for the film project.

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running time: 00:02:17

High Life

Storyboard Example

High Life, was developed for Atelier VFX as a promotional film, from script to timed board, in 2022. The storyboard was drawn and timed by Ian to a script that he also developed for the studio. The story follows the exploits of a small snail who, despite high aspirations, discovers that engineering a route beyond your limits will not escape who you are.

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running time: 00:03:10

Layout and Leadership

Storyboard to Staging

This collection of sample ‘layout shots’ from Pop Paper City is presented to provide context and to aid discussion. As Head of Layout, Ian used his visual storytelling expertise to influence the production across storyboard, environment and assets. He devised a ruleset for camera and composition to deliver the ‘promise of the board’ with recognisable and consistent form.

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running time: 00:02:54

Lighting for Animation


Ian’s most recent commercial work was completed at Pixar Animation Studios and showcases classics including Cars, Ratatouille, WallE and Up. Pixar is famous for its beloved characters and storytelling. Ian’s lighting reel reveals a craft that is always focused to support the story: working to enhance performance, simplify composition and intensify emotion.

running time: 00:02:27

3D Zoetrope

Academic Project

As part of his teaching of BA Animation Production, at AUB, Ian ran an annual 3D zoetrope project to taylor and focus pathway learning through the study of 3D modeling, rigging and animation techniques. This short video includes the project work output from 2021, which was exhibited as part of Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe.

Further information: www.aub.ac.uk/zoetrope

running time: 00:00:37

Werewolf Turntable

Look Development

Ian completed Look Development work, as the character lead, for Professor Lupin’s ‘Werewolf’ counterpart, in the film ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’, 2004. The creative brief proposed a proprietary subsurface illumination model to show the gaunt characteristics of the skin, in addition to ‘realistic’ surface qualities.

Renderman Shader written by Lee Kerley.

running time: 00:00:20

VFX: 3D Character Lighting


This VFX Showreel compilation by Ian House shows a selection of character based lighting, rendering and integration work completed in the role of Technical Director at Industrial Light and Magic and Lighting Lead at The Moving Picture Company, between 2001 and 2004, for some of the biggest blockbuster films of the time.

running time: 00:01:45

3D Computer Animation


This Animation Showreel by Ian House shows a diverse montage of 3D design, modeling, rigging, animation, shading, lighting and vfx. These projects were completed both independently and within small collaborative teams at post production facility ‘Soho 601’, between 1996 and 2000. This selection of shots showcases Ian’s contribution.

running time: 00:01:48

original work

Ian wrote and published his first children’s book in 2012. Crockery Farm, is a story of discovery for an uninspired boy and his dog, who dive into the surprising enjoyment of a plate of local seasonal vegetables.

Be concise. Be efficient. You are not writing a novel here …. We are writing pictures: if you can’t ‘see’ it, it doesn’t belong on the page.

Jaws Bite 03: Efficient Process


Over the past decade, Ian has furthered his knowledge of the mechanics of visual storytelling by identifying how images can guide the senses to promote the audience experience through meaning and emotion. He has sought to practice and teach storycraft through the development of his own original work and holds a current and developing portfolio of screenwriting.

* script samples available on request

The Doctor

A Rehearsed Reading

This rehearsed reading is an excerpt from the original work written and directed by Ian House. The Doctor is a twist on the original telling of Robert Southey’s tale: The Story of the Three Bears, where genetics, farming and spaceships provide a novel backdrop for Goldilocks and her selfish plight.

The Doctor is performed by Hannah-Marie Chidwick.

running time: 00:03:46

The academic study of Screenwriting and Visual Storytelling bring Ian’s career full circle. His insightful judgement leads to the imagination of targeted, efficient and meaningful imagery, with a rare and insightful appreciation of process.

Script, story and development consultation.

3D layout and lighting. Design and production.

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