Storycraft and the Subconscious Mind

A career in feature animation is a want to better understand the tools that communicate the best stories. A passion for teaching is an opportunity to pass them on.

Ian House

More than a buffet

A philosophy in seven delectable morsels.

A podcast series bite by bite.

over two hours of insight and example

An Intro to Visual Storytelling

Part 1

The series opens by establishing some basic vocabulary before laying the foundations of story.

running time: 00:13:01

An Intro to Visual Storytelling

Part 2

This bite will use our established tools and language (from part 1) to deconstruct a story beat from ‘Jaws’, 1975, (credit: Benchley and Gottlieb) and through example will reveal our ‘structure in action’, with an aim of providing a clarity of purpose.

running time: 00:12:31

Efficient Process

Bite 3

Bite 3 looks at the opening sequence of ‘Jaws’ and the comprehensive signposting that is used to communicate the story. We consider format and metaphor in our own work with an emphasis on personal connections and the efficiencies of screenwriting.

running time: 00:17:25

One-lines and Set Pieces

Bite 4

The mid point (Bite 4) of this series of 7 podcasts, looks at an iterative approach to writing and the creative process. We consider the log-line/one-line as a development tool to better distill our ideas into a refined brief; a nuanced target for more honest and individual storytelling.

running time: 00:17:49

Audience Alignment

Bite 5

Bite 5 considers the effective communication of argument, as the filmmaker, in order to build relationships and to create empathy. Through cinematic example, we look at how Graphic and Narrative Control is used to influence with whom the audience identifies.

running time: 00:15:07

MasterCLASS mouthful

More than a bite, is something worth chewing over.

Image Space and Camera

Masterclass 6

A masterclass in camera. In this edit, we further examine the role of the introduction to associate the stakes of the story with the tools of composition. Bite 6 demonstrates the use of camera technique and image space to enhance our visual storytelling through the subconscious ties designed to manipulate our audience.

running time: 00:32:40

Communicating with Colour

Masterclass 7

Jaws Bite 7, the last in our current series, is a masterclass in composition and colour. In this bite, we learn through deconstruction the implicit colour language that assists to orchestrate a sense of feeling within our audience. We discover how to build a clarity of argument through the complex manipulation of simple colour.

running time: 00:33:31

Food For Thought

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